“We could not be more pleased with the creative approach they have taken.”

“We are delighted with the results Bretom has delivered.”

“Bretom has delivered an A+ project to support this vision.”

Our Clients

Here is a selection of the clients we have delighted to date. Click on their logos to read more about our partnerships.


Some words from our lovely clients.

“I’ve been delighted with the entire process – from naming to launch. Bretom were thoughtful and patient when exploring my initial ideas but also sensitively challenged me to consider other options; I enjoyed the collaborative process. It’s clear that the Bretom team have a tremendous knack for understanding and delivering just what I need. They continue to surprise and delight – feedback on the branding and website has been sensational. We will continue to rely on Bretom as a treasured resource as we grow.”

Omer, Founder, Magma Legal 2019

“We are delighted with the end results of this project. Our brand has been completely transformed into a vibrant, modern and professional, yet fun one; which perfectly matches up to the service we offer and our intended positioning. Furthermore, the strong underlying concept helps us to tell the right story and shapes all of our messaging.

Not only are we very happy with the work that was produced, but the journey we went through, helped us to better understand ourselves. Bretom acted with the upmost professionalism throughout and helped guide us through every stage of this process, whilst ensuring that the project stayed on-plan. I thoroughly recommend Bretom and will be delighted to work with them on projects in the future.”

Adam, Vario Client Development Manager, 2017

‘While our team has expertise in change management and internal communication, we have a lot of work to do getting the structures and processes in place to support our new approach. We recognised that we needed a strong partner to ensure our employee communications hit the right note and stand out from the day to day. In engaging with employees, communication is king.

The attributes that are most important to us are: ability to quickly and comprehensively understand the brief; creatively apply solutions that with align with our culture; implement with speed and simplicity; and reactiveness in communication. Bretom has excelled in each of these areas and we could not be more pleased with the creative approach they have taken, or the practicality with which they get things done.

I would highly recommend working with Rebecca and the team’

Leah, Former HR Manager at Proxima, 2017


“Our intention was to develop a world-class employee engagement strategy, complicated by the fact that our ’employees’ are all freelancers. Following our brand relaunch and new engagement initiatives, we now receive regular feedback that our brand is the strongest in the market, leading directly to a 71% increase in the number of lawyers choosing us for their freelance career. We are delighted with the results Bretom has delivered.

Matthew, Director of Vario, 2017


If you’re interested in working with Bretom and would like to speak to some of our clients, about their experiences of partnering with us, just let us know and we’ll pop you in touch!